Interview with Mila

How do you define yourself as a person?

Mila: A simple, cheerful, fun, friendly and above all very hot.

How are your friendships?

Mila: I have more friends TVS Regularly, there are times when I have more female friends and other male friends. With my friends I go out dancing, shopping, walking and looking at sad times or when I need some advice. Also try to stay with them through good times and bad. Friends are always loving, giving out to the movies, to walk, to eat, and always giving tender moments, hugs, kiss here, kiss there and...

What is the first thing you look for a man?

Mila: The first thing you see is the physical and then I meet the person. On the physical side first, if you have pretty face, good features, which is fine, since the body can be complemented muscular, normal or thin, and preferably good height.

Personally, how do you like them to be men?

Mila: I love a loving man, passionate, fun, having a good sense of humor, cults, which can learn lots of good things.

What makes you happy?

Mila: Happiness are moments in life you have to enjoy the fullest, some days simple things in life make me happy, and also achieving everything that I intend professionally and personally.

Tell us your personal tastes, hobbies, what you like for presents, etc.

Mila: Hobbies: walking, shopping, movies, dancing, sunbathing, having fun with my friends, As for food as anything but seafood, then I love Italian food, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Peruvian, Argentina. For drink I prefer vodka, champagne, brandy, whiskey, white wine. If I had to choose I like jewelry gifts, perfumes, handbags, as long as I choose lol

Do you believe in love between a man and a trans?

Mila: Of course, nothing in life is impossible, love is a blessing that comes to you at some point in life with the right person, there is always a soulmate. We are all human beings and have feelings. A man can find a lot of trans besides beauty, qualities that some beautiful women do not have them.

Would you marry if you find the love of your life?

Mila: Of course, today happily laws are changing, the trans and we can change the name, etc. But it is up to marry the two, both have to agree to unite our lives, we are very compatible in all, we have good relations to marriage last long.

Would you like to adopt children, to have a child?

Mila: Science is advancing every day without having the need to take, as Ricky Martin and Florence V did donating his sperm and renting a womb. I would like to have a girl to dress and educate her as a nice girl.

How do you look in a few years?

Mila: Physically hopefully look better, I always look at my before and I see my flaws, every day try to get prettier first by me and then by my clients. Personally I try to do well in life, to always do well And professionally I would like to study interior design, also manage my own aesthetic business.

Let's talk about sex, when was your first sexual contact with a man, and do you like women?

Mila: I was 7 years old that I was attracted to women or men, a 13 year old guy who offered me to suck his penis, I was curious and I did it, I liked it and then I wanted to try with other kids and so one after another. At age 21 I got curious to try sex with women, was with a client who already knew. One day he brought his girlfriend to have a threesome as young and cute probe saw my first time with a woman. It disgusts me to have sex with a woman as long as this man also, that women is not older than 35 and is very beauty.

How did you feel the first time you were penetrated?

Mila: It did me carefully, a guy much older and experienced made me softly, massaging first with his fingers, then the tip and gradually, as one is hot and you do not feel that I enter all hehehe The most pleasant is being passive and masturbating while getting his penis inside...

What would be your specialty in bed, oral sex, penetration, being active, passive?

Mila: I enjoy everything, depending on the person, I love to suck, as well as enjoy suck, get me his cock deep into my throat and see his face with pleasure, I imbued with very strong dog and I love it, If the guy I'm not hurt much, I also enjoy being active.

What do you recommend to people who do not yet dare not be a transvestite?

Mila: Life is unique and you have to try everything in sex, we know where the tvs touch the man, where to kiss him apart many women dare not penetrate them from behind and less to throw them toys or things like the men.

What are the tips for a good game with a trans?

Mila: First of all should read carefully the information in the escorts, location, times, prices, services and restrictions putting some in her information. When you decide to call the most appropriate, schedule a time, if you have a delay warning, as there are many who lie and get one hour later and the escorts but it tells you, as we put the bad mood, because we have several clients followed. Second the hygiene is essential both for the asset or liability, if liability should buy from the pharmacy rectal enema to avoid spilling during penetration, in Spain it is sold as Microlax, make the game more enjoyable. In my case I always ask them to relax, we're not going to do anything they do not want, always treat them kindly and so I like to be myself. Also could be feeling or not between scort and client, all customers are not equal.

What you have left to fulfill fantasies?

Mila: Until now I did something never to 4 bone 2 men, a woman and I, but all participate with all The other would grab a pair of twins lol

What message do you let to the people who follow you?

Mila: First of all thanks to all customers who trust me and always haunt me, who do not know me do not be swayed by some bad reviews I write for me, this is because not all customers are equal, but thanks God there are more good comments than bad ones, and if I keep working on this because I do well with my clients. I always see my mail for suggestions, constructive criticism, in order to please all kinds of audiences, and many thanks to all for visiting my site.

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